About Us

Angelic Place is a step-up in care from a standard larger assisted living or retirement facility offering more “hands-on” assistance with resident’s activities of daily living as well stand-by assistance.

The additional personal attention is especially important after some independence has been lost due to health complications.

We are a small five-bed home with a loving and attentive staff trained in health care. We maintain a one-to-five staff-to-patient ratio. This becomes important when the issue of a fall, or any accident may have occurred, or your family member is recovering from a crisis or health situation. While we cannot guarantee that falls will not occur, our track record is superior.

Our staff is trained in watching for signs and behaviors that can indicate the beginning of a urinary tract infection (UTI) or possibly the beginning of something more serious.

We utilize home health agencies and hospice when required as time goes by.


Brenda serves on the Board of Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes as Director-at-Large, representing the State. Prior to that post, she was President of the local Tarrant County Chapter, and has completed a 24 hour assisted living manager course accredited through TORCH.

She is interested and active in all areas of elder care issues and promotes “Aging in Place” in her home setting as a right, not a privilege, as some have suggested.

Brenda has volunteered as a member of the Goldstones, a senior Tarrant County Show choir, who won “Entertainer of the Year” in 2003.

She is an artist specializing in roses and still life oil paintings. Brenda’s paintings are in private collections throughout the world. Private commissions are painted by request from time to time.

Most importantly, Brenda is the “Queen Mother” Of the Audacious Red Hat Society of Arlington. All the ladies at Angelic Place become honorary red hat members, a society created strictly to have FUN. And that we do!